'79 at 25: Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Lives

A Letter From Carrie Freeman, '79 President

Unbelievably, our 25th reunion is just two months away. Regardless of the years that have separated me from Smith, I still think of myself as a Smithie. A large part of the formation of who I am came during my years in Northampton and the interactions with my fellow Smithies. That is one of the reasons I love reunions at Smith. They are a time of renewal for me. I walk the campus, reviewing memories of 20+ years ago and the young naive girl I was. In that old familiar setting, I can remember all my youthful dreams and aspirations. The visit back to campus always energizes and inspires me.

I also get a kick out of visiting with old classmates and meeting new ones for the first time. I am always interested in discovering what twists and turns life has brought us all. I find our classmates to be a wonderful varied collection of interesting women. We are linked by our womanhood more than any other variable. Some of us are financially successful, some are spiritually successful; some of us are very settled in our lives, and some of us are just starting over again from scratch. Regardless of our status, I find the company of intelligent women an uplifting experience. I am a single mother in a spiritually satisfying non-profit job, but I am not judged by my fellow Smithies on my bank balance. I always come away from reunion invigorated by the interest classmates have shown in my career and life choices. You all help to still my self-doubts. Smithies are not judgmental, but supportive. Whether we are full-time stay-at-home moms or corporate successes, your fellow Smithies are interested and supportive of your choices.

I am also always fascinated by the different paths others' lives take. Did that biology major end up working on a cure for cancer? Did that English major ever write the great American novel? Was it a straight line to your chosen goal or did your life take some unexpected turns? Some of my fondest memories of past reunions are sitting in the dorms talking with classmates (many of whom I never knew during college) about how our lives turned out.

So I invite all of you to take a break in May from your busy lives and come back to Northampton for our 25th reunion. Come for the support and affirmation from fellow classmates. Come to rejuvenate yourselves. Come to reconnect with your past and old friends. Come to revisit old memories and make some new ones. Just come!

Carrie H. Freeman

Class President