'79 at 25: Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Lives

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What's the menu?

A: Friday night is a buffet dinner with a variety of options including pasta with and without seafood, salad, veggies, sirloin with port wine sauce, and dessert. Saturday's dinner will be baked salmon with salad, veggie, and dessert. In both cases a pre-dinner cocktail party with hors d'oeuvres as well as beer, wine and various non-alcoholic drinks is included in the price of the dinner.

Q: We won't be on campus in time to sign in at HQ! Where are our dinners taking place?

A: Friday night's dinner starts with cocktails at King/Scales at 5:30 followed by dinner at 6:30. Saturday cocktails are at 5:30 at Cutter/Ziskind with dinner at 6:30. Our class HQ will close around 5, so if you don't make it to HQ before then, stop at Alumnae House to check in then just come to dinner and we'll get you your badge and room assignment there. If you are already paid up for dinner and are running late you can get away with skipping the stop at Alumnae House and doing it later, but if you have not paid for meals, PLEASE go to Alumnae House first: we have no way to take payments either at class HQ or at the dinner itself. Alumnae House will also have a better idea than we do about how many "extras" we can register for meals at the last minute, so we would have to send you back there to check if you came to the dinner first. IT IS DEFINITELY BEST TO REGISTER IN ADVANCE FOR MEALS: IF YOU DON'T, WE CAN'T GUARANTEE THAT THERE WILL BE A MEAL AVAILABLE WHEN YOU SHOW UP!

Q: Can children and spouses come to reunion?

A: Yes, but if you are coming with an adult partner, you may prefer to arrange to stay off-campus. Most dorm rooms are singles with a single bed and cots cannot be provided, so a partner staying on campus will probably be assigned a room near yours. Children may stay in a parent's room at no extra charge, but you should bring sleeping bags or cribs from home as none are available on campus. And don't forget linens and towels! Only one set per room is provided.

'79 alumnae are particularly encouraged to bring their teenage daughters as this is a great opportunity for them to experience the Smith campus at its best. There will be several programs arranged specifically with them in mind.

Q: Are children's meals available?

A: Not directly from the College or the class. However the new Campus Center (a short walk from all of our meal locations) offers pizza, chicken nuggets, burgers and the like which may be of greater interest to kids than mesclun salad. If you are bringing your children to reunion, you may want to get together with other families who are doing the same and arrange a pizza party for the youngsters during our dinners. There's also a great kids program that will feed and entertain youngsters during dinner hours. See your registration packet for more info.

Q: Who can I contact if I have additional questions?

A: Cindy Harris is the reunion chair. E-mail is the best contact method.